A Simple Fleshlight Mod for Tightness

Here’s a simple way to change things up with a Fleshlight, and adjust the snugness of the entry.

Recommended size: 1-3/4″ inside diameter

A Fleshlight sleeve has a groove in it near the front. You easily notice this if you have ever removed the sleeve from its shell (for example, to clean it.)

By putting a soft silicone o-ring in that groove, you can snug up the entry and add a bit of tightness. It doesn’t interfere with the Fleshlight itself. The sleeve still fits into the outer shell and works normally. It’ll fit a little bit looser in the shell, but nothing serious.

What To Expect

This will only add snugness near the opening, it will still feel normal otherwise. If you try to use a really small o-ring top get something really tight, you run into problems. First of all, it will be really hard to get it on, because you’ll need to squish the Fleshlight sleeve into that little ring. Secondly, it won’t get as tight as you think, because the squishy plastic the sleeve is made from always acts as a bit of a cushion. Finally, you might damage the Fleshlight if the ring is too tight. An o-ring that is too small might cut into the squishy Fleshlight sleeve, especially once you stick something into it.

What To Buy

Do I have suggestions for you to try out if you’re curious? You bet I do.

  • Use an o-ring that is “tough” and not very stretchy. You don’t want something that stretches like a rubber band.
  • A silicone o-ring with inside diameter of 1.75″ seemed ideal. It added enough snugness to feel, without being too hard to put onto (or take off from) the Fleshlight sleeve.
  • 1.5″ inside diameter was a lot harder to get on to the sleeve, but didn’t really feel any tighter once it was on.
  • Smaller than that isn’t recommended, but go ahead and try whatever you want. Experiment!

Where To Get It?

You can buy stuff like this at a hardware store, or you can order a 1.75″ o-ring from Amazon if you like. Here is a compatible one with the recommended dimensions. (You can search for either the product title or the ASIN number.)

327 Silicone O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Red, 1-3/4″ ID

But this isn’t a precision component or anything. Any silicone o-ring sized 1.75″ should be fine. And of course, feel free to experiment.

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