Every now and again some idea gets in my head and I eventually give it a shot. The results could be called art.

Permadeath Mod for VR

( Alternate title: if u die in the matrix U DIE IN REAL LIFE )

This piece is a VR headset with what appears to be a pistol and the means to electronically fire it integrated into the hardware.

“Permadeath” is a term that refers to games in which there is no persistence of the main character. If the player character dies, the player must start over with a new character.

This art piece represents a hardware implementation of the permadeath concept. Like most art, it’s all lies. It’s not actually functional in any way.

Coffee Dispenser High Art

Convert espresso dispensing into high art in one easy step! There’s actually some small amount of artistic merit in this, in that it is presenting a tasty and classy delicacy as something repulsive simply by sticking a photocopy onto something. The coffee hasn’t actually been changed in any way, only the viewer’s perception has changed. This process is helped by encouraging the viewer to think “oh, pretty girl” in the first split-second with the image and stark contrast.

But mostly I just find it a cheap laugh.